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Are you ready to add another income stream to your online business? What about a niche that could possibly add a six-figure boost to your sales?

Grab this comprehensive guide that will get you started sourcing shoes and selling them on Amazon for RIDICULOUS profits.

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One of the most frustrating complaints heard from Amazon sellers is how competition drives prices down to next to nothing.

Are you tired of forking out hundreds of dollars on toys, only to realize that fifty other sellers discovered the same toys you did?

Are you sick of having to drop your prices to the point that all profit margins are erased?

Do you often worry about whether to join the race to the bottom or to keep your prices high in hopes that the low-ballers will sell out?

If you’re ready for a niche that will minimize these risks and provide you an additional income stream with six-figure potential, then Flipping Shoes is definitely for you.

In Flipping Shoes, author and online seller Ken Kelly tells his story of how he started selling shoes on Amazon and in the first year of sales grossed more than $100,000. And that was on a part-time basis!

In Flipping Shoes you will discover….

  • How to gain Amazon approval to sell in this gated category
  • Tips on how to source shoes in the very stores you typically shop
  • How you can often double and even triple your investment
  • How to list, price, and prepare your shoes for shipment to Amazon
  • What kind of shoes sell better than others
  • How to grow your online shoe business for the long haul
  • What sales rank minimums you should strive for

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Ken's approach to Shoes is definitely motivating and inspiring. If you are on the fence as to whether to get approved in a gated category and start selling shoes, this ebook has a no nonsence approach to selling in one of the most profitable categories on Amazon. As with information products if you don't take action then you will be in the same position as you were yesterday... Get It! Read It! and Take Action...

Barrington McIntosh
Barrington McIntosh

Using the methods Ken teaches in his coaching I will have $2.5 million in shoe sales this year.  I have gone from a one-man operation to a company with 5 full-time employees.  With his Flipping Shoes principles Ken details how you can achieve an independent lifestyle, and, if desired, dynamic growth for your business.

Dave Shannon
Dave Shannon

Wow!  Ken's book has completely opened up my eyes to the world of selling shoes. Ken pulls back the curtain and details his shoe-selling journey and teaches how you can make ridiculous profits in this category. It was a joy to read and now I need to get busy sourcing shoes.

Ryan Reger
Ryan Reger

Not only did I read Ken Kelly's book on how to sell shoes, I also took action.  Thinking that I had a good grasp on shoes, Ken's book showed me I was only beginning my journy.  Ken is a true man of his word, and delivers his promises.  His suggestions and teachings opened me up to other specific shoes that I wasn't sourcing.  The first experience implementing his teachings I quickly realized that my returns were now 100% ROI and up.  Thank you Ken!

Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf

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fade-leftfade-rightWant to get a jumpstart selling shoes on Amazon?

Ken offers one-on-one coaching for those who want to get ahead of the competition. Amazon is approving new sellers in the shoe category every day. The competition promises to get stiffer. One-on-one coaching can get you on track to achieving your financial goals in a much quicker fashion.

What will coaching provide?

  • Names of stores where Ken finds the greatest deals
  • Stores to avoid
  • Initial phone/Skype conversations to get you started
  • Three months of further availability (phone, email, Skype)
  • Fresh tips in the shoe-selling world

For pricing and further information, contact Ken directly at

Check Out What Others Are Saying About My Coaching Program

April K.

I am a shoe addict. Seriously, I love them.

But, the thought of selling them on Amazon was daunting to me.

Just because I love the shoe doesn't mean it will sell. Nor does it mean that a shoe that I don't like won't sell. I had no idea how to navigate the sales ranks and variations.

Still, I was determined to sell shoes on Amazon, so I did some research and found the Flipping Shoes book. Then I saw the author (Ken Kelly) offered coaching.

I contacted him right away and set up the details. He made me feel comfortable from the very first call. Ken is incredibly nice and extremely knowledgeable.

After our first call, I was excited to go buy shoes. Ken told me he would be available as I had questions, and he was.

He responded to texts about specific products while I was out sourcing. He consistently sent me tips and advice. I never had a question that went unanswered.

Through Ken's coaching, I learned everything I needed to about selling shoes on Amazon. And as an unexpected bonus, I picked up some tips about other categories as well.

Since starting coaching with Ken, six months ago, my gross sales in shoes are more than half of my total gross sales (in all categories) from the entire previous year.

Jerry M.

In early 2015, I was struggling as a "newbie" in e-commerce.  I had tried a number of things without much success.  Somewhere along the way I came across Ken Kelly's book Flipping Shoes.  Once I read Ken's book, I felt like I had a clear direction in which to begin my journey into e-commerce.

I was so impressed with Ken's story and methods outlined in the book, that my wife and I decided immediately to reach out to Ken and hire him to coach us on how best to sell shoes online.  Ken told us right from the beginning that he wasn't going to teach us anything that we couldn't learn for ourselves through experience and Internet research.  He simply told us that what he could for us was to expedite the learning curve.  And boy was he right!

In January of 2015 our total Amazon sales were just over $800 for the entire month.  In December, 2015, our sales were over $32,000, for the month and we finished the year with just over $149,000.00 in sales, 95% of which were shoes.  In 2016, our goal for the year is $400,000.00 in sales, with about 70% of that in shoes.

My wife and I will always be grateful to Ken.  He changed our lives and got us started in a cohesive direction, something that we had struggled to do on our own  Thanks again, Ken!